2017-2018 BOOSTER CREW & ACC (Adv. Comm. Chair)

"Promoting your students!"


Booster Crew members are parents volunteers that have agreed to be promoter of student's team to the Booster Club.  

Ideally each sport's team (Var, JV, C), club and activity.  It is very easy!  You already are emotionally and physically involved in your students activities.  We are just asking for you to pass along scores, highlights, big events to our social media volunteers.  

  • In season the Booster Crew Parent Liaison forwards game, tournament, match highlights to the BoosterBuzz editor for the weekly “highlights” enews that goes to all members.  Please note, there are no pictures in the BoosterBuzz.  
  • Pictures go here!  Forward team/activity highlights and pictures for Facebook/Twitter to Student Trustee and Communication Chair, Sanjana Schintalapati.  Make sure to include the name of the activity, specific team in needed, full names of students doing great things. 
  • Does your program have funding needs?  Encourage asking Booster Club for Grants!

Booster Crew Job Description  ~  For more information about become your team/activity/club Booster Crew member, please contact BoosterBuzz Chair, Student Trustee and Communication Chair, Sanjana Schintalapati.    See below chart for the Role of the Booster Crew liaison.  


ROLE / JOB DESCRIPTION at the bottom of this page...

SEASON SPORT PARENT CREW  (if blank, volunteer needed)
Fall Xcountry (V,JV,C)*


Fall Football  (V)

John Hillock  (also ACC/President)

Treasurer: Ann Taylor

Exec VP Danielle Githens 

Fundraising:  Patty Mayes

Fall - Football (JV)  
Fall - Football (C)  Casey Stenzel
Fall Golf, Boys  (V,JV)*  
Fall Soccer, Girls (V,JV)*


Fall - Soccer, Girls (C2)  
Fall - Soccer, Girls (C1)  Carrie Christianson
Fall Swim, Girls (V,JV,C)* Lisa Milkowski
Fall Dive, Girls (V,JV,C)*  
Fall Tennis, Boys (V) Tammy Antezana 
Fall - Tennis, Boys (JV,C)  
Fall Volleyball (V)  
Fall - Volleyball (JV)  
Fall - Volleyball (C)  
Winter Basketball, Boys (V)


Program Parent

Winter - Basketball, Boys (JV) Crew needed
Winter - Basketball, Boys  (C) Crew Needed 
Winter Basketball, Girls (V) ACC
Winter - Basketball, Girls(JV) Crew needed 
Winter Gymnastics (V,JV,C)*  
Winter Swim & Dive, Boys (V,JV,C)*  
Winter Wresting   Diane Tanner
Spring Baseball (V)

ACC Lida Buckner  Crew:  Kyle Buckner

Spring - Baseball (JV)  
Spring - Baseball (C)  
Spring Softball  ACC & Crew  Eric Malone  
Spring Golf, Girls  (V,JV,C)*  
Spring Soccer, Boys  (V) ACC & Crew  Ray Oen   
Spring Soccer, Boys  (JV)  
Spring Soccer, Boys  (C)  
Spring Tennis, Girls  (V,JV,C)*need all three

Varsity: Kathy Kim Juhn 

JV: Tammy Antezana 

Spring Track  (V,JV,C)**need all three


Spring Lacrosse, Boys (JV & V)

ACC  Shelby Cemer        

VAR  Toby Richards

JV Eric Shipley 

Spring Lacrosse, Girls (JV & V)  
Activity/Club Robotics  Stacy Irwin (Advisory Committee Chair)
Fine Arts Jazz Band Tina Ko
Fine Arts Theater  
Activity Cheer Leslie Groberman
Activity Dance Team Susan Chang and Nicole Rison
Activity Sports Medicine Club  Sandy Schmidt
Activity DECA  
 *If you see (V,JV,C) - Varsity(V), Jr Varsity (JV), or Freshman/C Team (F,C) listed nest to one name it does not mean that parent is representing all three teams or any one team.  Once teams are decided then it is easier to confirm Booster Crew.  IF on person is listed it just means that we only have one parent so far.  IDEALLY, If there is more than one team, then one Booster Crew parent is desired/needed to represent each team.  
**Not all Activities and Clubs are listed.  If your student is involved in a Club/Activity and you would like to see them represented, please contact Exec VP, Casey Stenzel

Role of a Booster Crew Member:  (easy and does not take a lot of time)     JOB DESCRIPTION - Printable Copy
2017 Booster Club Flyer
  1. Liaison:  The Booster Crew volunteer is a team/club/activity parent that acts as a representative of the Booster Club for your team/club/or activity's parents.   Ideally, for Boosters to be most effective, every team/club/activity should have a Booster Crew parent volunteer. The Booster Crew volunteer primary role is to be helpful and supportive.  The Crew will help to highlighting Eagle Pride by communicating out the great wins and accomplishments to the Booster Club, for its weekly Booster Buzz emails and Facebook Page
    1. If there is not an Advisory Committee Chair for said activity, then the Booster Crew will assist the Advisor / Coach(es) with any possible funding needs.    Possible Grant Requests: The Booster Crew volunteer will reach out to the coach, advisor right away to see if they have any possible funding needs that the Booster Club can help with.  With regards to sports teams, ideally this would happen before the season starts.   Website resources: Historical funding per activity.  Funding Request Guidelines, FAQ’s including difference between ASB and Boosters.  Please note all Funds Request start with ASB.  
    2. Most submissions are made by the Booster Crew volunteers, but may be made by anyone
  2.  Communicator: Reach out to the parents of your group and let them know how Boosters has helped their sport, club, activity in the past, as well as how it supports all outside of the classroom IHS activities - everything from DECA, to Jr Statesmen of America, Senior Scholarships to every sport.   99.9% of the students at IHS participate in some activity outside the classroom so supporting the Boosters support all students at IHS.

    1. The Booster Club Crew Board Member will be happy to provide editable cut-n-paste parent emails, as well as list of families that indicated their student was interested or would be participating in said activity.  Please refer to the Booster website for many helpful resources; FAQ, Previous Funds Approved, Funding Process, Volunteer lists, Donor lists.
  3. Stay Informed: Booster Crew representative are invited (not required) to attend Booster Club meetings.   
    1. "Another Issaquah Eagle goes to State" signs are the congratulations and good luck signs placed in the yards of Issaquah students participating in a State competition. The Booster Club relies on its Booster Crew volunteers on when a team may heading to a State competition.  The Booster Club needs to know the number of signs needs, names and dates of the competition.  Volunteers may be needed to help place the signs.  Stacey Eastern is the Booster Club contact for "Another Issaquah Eagle goes to State" signs. 
    1. Facebook /Twitter (coming soon) / Booster Buzz / Website: The Booster Club members love seeing pictures and hearing about their IHS students.  This is the best thing you can do to show our school what is happening with your activity.  Booster Club relies on you to know what is going on.Pass along Big Wins / Points of Pride / Pictures to Facebook Chair.  All information will be shared with the Website and Booster Buzz Chair.  This will ensure that your information is seen in all Booster Club channels.
    1. Weekly Booster Buzz emails go out to the entire membership, highlighting team/program points of pride and memorable moments.   We rely on the Booster Crew to forward updates on their activities.  
    Basic guidelines for Booster Buzz (weekly member email):
      1. Booster Membership Chair will consider any submission from extra-curricular (outside the classroom) activities, sports and clubs at Issaquah High School for the weekly Booster Buzz email.
      2. Booster Buzz emails go out only 1x/week, on Sunday.  Requests for submission need to be received no later that 9am Sunday morning.
      3. Booster Buzz editor has the right to edit the materials to best fit the Booster Buzz email.
      4. The Booster Buzz is a culmination of information from parent volunteers doing their best to pass along updates and an editor interpreting those updates.   This is a volunteer effort so be gracious, as mistakes will happen.