The Booster Club accepts direct donations by Members to programs that have an Advisory Committee Chair (ACC) and an approved Booster Club Program Budget, with specific budget fundraising line items.  Examples of this might be Banquet, Training, Equipment, etc..   

Designated Donation may also be made to ASB

Criteria for Booster Club DESIGNATED DONATIONS to a Program

  1. Direct Donations to a program (designated) are only available to Booster Club Members only.  The exception is if a program is running a fundraising campaign, such as "Pass the Hat", auction, selling items.  On the menu, to the left, you will find Current Fundraiser and the Booster Club Membership list.
  2. Designated donations are only permitted to programs (Sport, Club, Activity) with approved budgets and fundraisers. Approved Fundraisers can be found on the Current Fundraisers tab.  Program budgets and balances can be found under,  About Us/Meetings & Financials.  or by Clicking Here   
    1.  Member Link for Designated Donations    Credit card fees of 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction will be deducted from the donation amount to the program.  Please note if there will be a Matching Donation and name of company matching. 
    2. Contact the program Activity Committee Chair (ACC) with questions about how donations are being used.    

**Important note on Matching**   When requesting matching donations from an employer, please indicate the Booster program (i.e. Softball) the match should be applied.  If no indication, then the match will be applied to general boosters.  

ASB:  ASB accepted direct donations to any IHS Program.  ISD Payment Link


Don't see the activity/sport that your child participates in the list of programs?  This does not mean that boosters does not support the program!  Boosters use most of the membership dollars for grants, scholarships, and awards that benefit all clubs and sports.  However, specific programs have engaged with Boosters with a parent representative (ACC) and a budget that outlines their fundraising goals and needs.  Because Boosters want your donations to benefit your program in a timely manner, we recommend making donations thru ASB if there isn’t a specific plan in place. 

What is an Advisory Committee Chair (ACC)?   A parent volunteer in a program, that has been appointed by the Booster Board to represents that program in their fundraising needs. See Advisory Committee description for more details.  

Does my program has an Advisory Committee Chair (ACC)?  All program ACC's and Booster Crew are listed under Booster Crew & ACC's,  or click here.  

OTHER HELPFUL LINKS (all found on the website)

2019-2020 Budget, Revised 11/12/19
Advisory Committee Roles, Expectations


Questions?  email the Booster Club president,