Issaquah High School Booster Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is voted in by the Members during the Annual Meeting in May.   

President Diana Goldberg
Executive Vice President  Jaime Crothers
Vice-President Fundraising (Logo Wear) Heather Ross
Treasurer Stacey Sunderland
Co-Treasurer Ayana Meissner
Secretary Marcie Lewis
Co-VP of Membership (& Booster Crew Support) Jen Kodosky
Co-VP of Membership (& Booster Crew Support) OPEN 



The Advisory Board is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Communication Chair Myra Vaughan     
Assistant Logo Wear Chair Nicole Maschiocchi
Student Recognition Chair Beth Bendlin
Another Eagle Goes To State Chair Keri Kiefer
Concessions chairs (3) OPEN



ISD Athletic Director   Luke Ande     
IHS ASB Advisor Kurtis Evans