Grant Request to Booster Club

Issaquah High Booster Club Grant Request Process - Process for request a grant from the Booster Club.     

ASB Grant Request Form (all Booster Club grant requests must first go through ASB)

Issaquah Booster Club Grant Request Form  (2nd Step, after ASB)


Senior Scholarships

Scholarship Information 

Scholarship Application ~ Also available online and in the College Career Office in January.  Applications are due in April.


Tutta Bella Scholar-Athletes

Scholar-Athlete Nomination Form (COACHES ONLY) The Tutta Bella Scholar-Athlete Awards are given out at the end of each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) to one outstanding athlete in each sport who embodies leadership and success both athletically and academically. Nominations come from the coaches. See Tutta Bella Athlete Awards, under Student Recognition for more information.


Volunteers / Advisory Committee Chairs /  Coaches /  Advisors  (for designated accounts) 

ACC, Coach, Advisor Packet  Additional forms and information for ACCs, Coaches, Advisors of designated Booster accounts.  

Designated Funds ~ Reimbursement Request: With the approval of Advisory Committee Chair (or program head if not Advisory Committee Chair), requesting reimbursement from a Booster Club Designated Account (i.e. Basketball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc).  Process:  Check "Designated Funds"  and note the program.  Email Completed form, include invoice/receipts to the Booster Club Treasurer.  Both the coach (or advisor) and that program's Advisory Committee Chair must be included in the email.  

Designated Funds ~ Invoice Payment Request:  Sports/Club/Activity with a designated account, requesting Boosters to pay an invoice.  Process:   Email Completed form, include invoice to the Booster Club Treasurer.  Both the coach (or advisor) and that program's Advisory Committee Chair must be included in the email.  

General Boosters Reimbursement Request: Pre-approved by Booster President; request for reimbursement from the general Booster Club.  (Board Member and Committee Chairs only) 

Booster to ASB Transfer Request:  By completing the enclosed form, Designated funds can be transferred from a designated Booster account to a designated ASB account at any time.

Advisory Committee Chair Fundraising Request Form:  This form is for Advisory Committee Chairs wishing to add a fundraising line item to their budget. 

Counting & Deposit Form

Booster Club Facilities Request Process:  Any IHS program under ASB that has reserved funds in their Booster Account, may use the Booster Club to reserve ISD Facilities.  The costs of the reservation are the responsibility of the program.



Questions?  Contact Booster Treasurer  or  Booster President